Propane for Your Business


If your business depends on propane to keep the wheels turning, Coastal Butane offers a variety of services backed by almost 70 years of experience and service to the local communities. 

To establish an account with Coastal Butane, please call one of our customer service representatives at 281-342-5637 or complete the New Customers form above. The sign up will be quick and efficient.  

We normally offer same day service depending on the urgency. Please strive to place your order before noon for same day service.



Coastal Butane offers a variety of commercial services including

  • Bulk Tank refueling

  • Agriculture

  • Auto and Fleet refueling

  • Site refueling of fork lift cylinders

  • Design and installation related to building and construction developments

  • Automatic refueling at business locations

Please feel free to call for further information and service needs. 

Tank Sizes and Uses

Depending on your energy needs, Coastal offers various tank sizes and types on lease basis or one-time purchase. We always keep an ample inventory of the most popular tank varieties ranging from 250 gallons to 1000 gallons. Underground and above ground units are available.  Our technicians can help guide you to the best choice to fit the needs of your business.     

Tank Installation

If you don’t own a tank already, Coastal Butane provides installation of tanks of all sizes. We offer one-stop shopping whether you choose an above or underground type tank. Our technicians have wide experience in recommending the right tank for you as well as the best placement on the property.